school holidays

Well it is the school holiday  i like it because i can stay in bed until 1 oclock but i miss my friends i can call them but i cant see them and i have been doing so much home work i haven’t got ot of the house for 4 days  but my home work is done and i can stay in bed for a long time i have 3 tips to survive secondary school

.> don’t do all the home work at the end of the holidays

> if you have say 3 pieces do one a day and have the other time off

> never give your homework in late

By for now i will post more soon

Fraya xxxx


I got my tests back from my maths I got 4b I have not liked math and it is not my best subject but I asked the teacher what I could do to improve and she told me

I also did a French test today and you get a hundred % or 97 and down but I got 97 giving me the second highest in the year seven year and I never did French in my primary but I have started to enjoy it I will be back with more post
Fraya xxx

secondary school

Well I am 11 years old  and I have just started secondary school. I came from a small primary school press c of e primary school and there was only 14 of us in year six and moving up is always hard I lost some of my friends because we were in different forms and I can only see them for an hour a day  but I am here to help you with secondary school I am going through it so you know what to do when you move up into secondary school

secondary school

I’m back my results for my test I got today was

OK but I could of done much better because I was worried about my friends but I spoke to the teacher and asked me asked me what
was up but I just said nothing because I didn’t want to drop my friends in it But I took it to pastrol and they sorted it for me but my friends are not so sure about me but I made new friends easily and they are true friends they are just the people I can tell so if you and you and your friends fall out and don’t like you anymore you can make new friends as quick but it will be hard but give it a go so when you and your friends fall out you have other people to turn to .